6. First meetings and initial review


    a. The first meeting

    Once you are registered, and you and your mentor have been given access to the Pathway online system, you need to arrange an initial meeting with your mentor.

    The purpose of this first meeting is to set the scene for your progress through the Chartership syllabus and to capture any previous experience and/or knowledge and understanding you gained prior to joining the Pathway to Chartership. This is then recorded by your mentor in the initial review.

    At the first meeting, you and your mentor should:

    • Discuss the way you will work together while you are registered on the Pathway to Chartership
    • Review and assess your existing level of knowledge and understanding in relation to the syllabus and the overall requirements for Chartership
    • Develop an overall strategy which sets out how you intend to develop your learning

    b. Initial review

    As part of the meeting, your mentor should test your understanding in relation to particular learning objectives using questioning techniques and discussion. This is particularly important if you are joining the Pathway to Chartership with considerable existing knowledge and experience.

    You and your mentor should use this exploration as a basis to discuss and plan how to build on your learning and development to meet the requirements of Chartership. You should consider what support you will need, and which syllabus areas to focus on within the next one or two quarters.

    You may wish to identify intermediate milestones or targets to help you develop knowledge related to the learning objectives in a structured way, and to help emphasise the gradual and regular accumulation of knowledge, experience and understanding.

    The initial review is the benchmark against which all your future development and readiness to proceed to the exam is reviewed. You should therefore allow sufficient time for this meeting, it is not something to be rushed.

    Blank initial review form

    Sample initial review