5. The role of your mentor


    a. Overview

    Your mentor is the qualified professional who will support your progress towards Chartership. They will provide advice and guidance, helping you to develop and explore your knowledge and understanding of the requirements of professional practice, and to learn to reflect on your work and learning.

    The mentor plays a key role within your journey to Chartership, so you should consider your choice of mentor very carefully. In particular, the mentor should be someone who is willing to make a real commitment to supporting your development, and who will provide open, constructive and honest feedback, enabling you to explore and build on your knowledge and experience.

    The mentor will be expected to give you feedback on your progress, both informally, through regular contact, and formally, at quarterly review meetings. They will need to complete a mentor review following your quarterly review meeting, giving their formal assessment of your progress towards Chartership.

    Your mentor is also responsible for notifying the supervisor when, in their view, you are ready to progress to the oral Chartership exam.

    You must ensure that your mentor fully recognises the commitment they are undertaking in supporting you through the Pathway to Chartership. Not meeting the requirements of the Pathway to Chartership could result in delays to your progress.

    More information on the role of the mentor and advice on good practice is given in the Pathway Toolkit. You should ask your chosen mentor to read both this Guidebook and the Toolkit before agreeing to take on this role.

    Read the Pathway Toolkit

    b. Finding a mentor

    It is up to you to find a mentor to help you through the Pathway to Chartership. For the majority of candidates, the most appropriate choice of mentor is your immediate line manager, or another more senior Chartered member working within the same practice. In an increasing number of cases, however, this is not possible, and you therefore need to look for an external mentor.

    You could find an external mentor by:

    • Considering landscape professionals you have worked with in the past
    • Asking the mentor of a fellow Associate on the Pathway also to mentor you
    • Attending LI Branch events, to meet more landscape professionals, who may be willing to mentor you

    If you have tried all these and are still unable to find a mentor, please contact pathway@landscapeinstitute.org, and we will do our best to help you.

    All mentor nominations will be subject to ratification by the LI; where information or clarification is needed, the LI will contact you or your nominated mentor as appropriate.

    There is more information and advice on the mentor-candidate relationship in the Pathway Toolkit.

    Read the Pathway Toolkit

    c. Nominating a new mentor

    You may need to change your mentor during your time on the Pathway to Chartership. You and your ‘old’ mentor must ensure that all documentation is complete and up-to-date before the changeover takes place. Avoid changing mentors close to submission deadlines, as this may result in delays to receiving feedback.

    If you are changing mentors you need to nominate them as you did when joining the Pathway to Chartership. You can do this from the My Details section of the Pathway online system. Failure to notify the LI of a change in mentor may result in a delay in giving your new mentor access to your previous development records, and therefore mean missing a submission deadline.