12. Appeals


    a. Overview

    The Pathway works on the basis of continual assessment; you should be receiving regular and on-going feedback from your mentor and both you and your mentor will receive feedback each quarter from your supervisor.

    There should therefore be no surprises at any point in the Pathway to Chartership, particularly when submitting and approving exam notifications.

    b. Mentor decisions

    If you are unhappy with your mentor’s assessment of your readiness to go forward to the exam, you are expected to work together to reach a resolution. You should arrange a time to meet your mentor to discuss your concerns. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you should seek guidance from your supervisor. In the unlikely event that a problem still cannot be resolved, please contact pathway@landscapeinstitute.org to discuss further options.

    c. Supervisor decisions

    If your mentor is unhappy with the supervisor’s decision about your readiness to proceed to the exam, it is open to them to write to the Chair of the Education & Membership Committee, c/o the LI, requesting that a senior supervisor review their case.

    A review must be requested without delay to allow reasonable time for documentation to be reviewed and for any salient points to be investigated, and in any event no later than ten days after the supervisor’s feedback deadline. Your mentor must fully describe the circumstances of their request for review. The appeal is based solely on the supervisor’s feedback to the information provided in the original submission, and therefore no new information concerning your development during the relevant quarter can be submitted as part of the appeal.

    In carrying out the review, the senior supervisor will take into account a number of factors, including:

    • Specific issues raised
    • Quality, content and timeliness of the documentation you and your mentor have submitted and the emerging profile of your development and understanding
    • Context of your experience
    • Supervisor’s comments on each submission

    The senior supervisor will respond to the appeal within 28 days of receipt. The decision of the senior supervisor is final.

    d. Exam appeals

    You cannot appeal simply because you disagree with the examiners’ decision not to award you chartered membership. Appeals should only be made if you believe the way in which your chartership exam was conducted was at fault – for example if you have administrative or procedural concerns.

    If you are unhappy with the way your Chartership exam was conducted, you are able to write to the Chief Examiners, c/o the LI, to request that they review your case. If you wish to appeal you must do so without delay to allow time for documentation to be reviewed, and any salient points to be investigated. You must lodge your appeal within 20 days of receiving your result. You must describe your objections to the exam process and outcome within your appeal letter. The Chief Examiners will respond within 28 days of receipt of your appeal.

    • If your appeal is turned down, the Chief Examiner will write to you explaining their decision.
    • If your appeal is upheld, your original exam and result will be voided. You will be invited to take the exam again at the next session. The decision of the Chief Examiners is final.