11. About the oral exam


    a. The exam format

    The oral exam will be around 40-45 minutes in duration and will be conducted by two professional Chartered members of the LI, with varied experience and backgrounds. If you have an identifiable specialism, we will try to match you with an examiner from a similar background, although if this is not possible it will not impact on your exam.

    The examiners will have access to everything that has been submitted on your Pathway account, including your development packs, CV, mentor reviews and supervisor feedback. The exam will be an open-ended discussion and will be conducted in the style of an interview or appraisal. The examiners are looking to discover your understanding of underlying principles, typically by reference to projects you have been involved in. In addition, they will be testing your knowledge across the breadth of the syllabus. You should be prepared to be asked about any syllabus topics.

    The exam is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt and describe and reflect on the knowledge and understanding you have developed.

    Examiners ask questions based on your career path and the information you have submitted during your time on the Pathway to Chartership as well as testing your knowledge of areas of which you have not had direct experience.

    There is likely to be some open-ended discussion about challenges and highlights where you are encouraged to be honest. The exam may also touch on the next steps in your future professional development.

    The exam is intended to be an interesting and stimulating experience for both you and the examiners, and is an opportunity for you to show your enthusiasm for landscape architecture and the profession.

    The Chartership exam is just one of many important interviews that you will face throughout your professional life, and you should prepare for it thoroughly.

    Professional interviews are often pressurised situations and the examiners understand that you may be inexperienced in such interviews or may feel nervous. The examiners will always endeavour to put you at your ease, and are not trying to trick you.

    b. What to expect on the day

    Make sure you read the Pathway oral exam – Notes for Candidates document, which provides detailed information about what to expect on the day and how best to prepare

    Pathway to Chartership oral examination – Notes for Candidates (August 2013)

    c. Exam results

    Your exam result will be released on the Pathway system within three weeks of the final exam of the session taking place. The exact date will be given to you when the exam timetable is sent out.

    Once the results are available, you and your mentor will receive an email telling you that you are able to log on to the Pathway system and view your result. Results are then later confirmed by post.

    d. Passing the exam

    If you are successful and pass your oral exam then you will be immediately elected as a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (CMLI). The names of successful candidates and their mentors will be published, and you will receive a membership certificate attesting to your new status as a Chartered landscape professional.

    e. Failing the exam

    If you fail your oral exam you will receive brief comments on your reasons for failure and, if appropriate, indications of the areas in which the examiners feel that you would benefit from further development.

    It is very important that you and your mentor carefully review this examiner feedback and plan your next steps. You can register to retake the exam at any time, once you have another exam notification from your mentor and approval by your supervisor. There is no limit on the number of times a candidate can take the exam.