Major touring exhibition on re-thinking the urban landscape to open in Sheffield


    A new exhibition, Re-thinking the Urban Landscape, is opening today featuring the innovative Bradford City Park alongside London’s 2012 Olympic Park and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.
    Showcasing over 40 transformative contemporary landscape projects, the exhibition highlights the importance of investing in green infrastructure if our cities and urban centres are to become more liveable, healthy and safe places to live and work. It will demonstrate how a landscape-led approach to development can offer sustainable solutions to the big challenges facing contemporary urban society.
    Yorkshire has many exemplary schemes, such as Manor Fields Park in Sheffield, Bradford City Park and The Sheffield Gold Route, which highlight the contribution that Landscape Architecture can make to the quality of life in our cities.
    Bradford City Park has given Bradford a distinctive place that has changed perceptions and brought economic success. The Sheffield Gold Route is another hugely popular scheme, with a series of linked public spaces used for relaxation, events, and journeys to work between Sheffield railway station and the heart of the city. It has enhanced the city centre, which is now booming, and includes the Winter Garden, where this exhibition is being held.
    Speaking about the exhibition Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute, said:
    ‘Proper land use is now becoming a matter of urgency, with concerns such as the housing crisis, flooding, public health and even food shortages coming to the fore. This exhibition is about highlighting the urgent need for a landscape-led approach to our towns and cities. 
    ‘Landscape architects are able to find solutions from within the natural landscape, avoiding highly engineered responses and ultimately creating schemes that are more sustainable, better-designed and nicer to live in.’
    Zac Tudor, Principal Landscape Architect, Sheffield City Council said:
    ‘Landscape architects have been at the forefront of the regeneration in Sheffield’s streets and spaces.  From developing concepts and visions through to detailed design and construction on site of our major schemes, it has been landscape architects that have had the ownership and responsibility for delivering the vision on the ground.
    ‘Sheffield’s public realm has been about creating high quality settings to promote investment from business and retail, while at the same time providing a locally distinctive City Garden identity for its people to relax in and, most importantly, making a city that’s fun and enjoyable for all.’
    Re-thinking the Urban Landscape exhibition will be at the Sheffield Winter Garden between 23 November and 13 December. The exhibition will also host a ‘Be a Landscape Architect’ careers afternoon for students interested in design, architecture and geography to find out more about this exciting and diverse profession. The free careers event is from 12noon to 4pm on Saturday 28th November.
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    Further information:
    For interviews and images please contact Nick McClelland, Media Officer on 020 7685 2658.
    Notes to editors:
    1.       Re-thinking the Urban Landscape  free exhibition at:
    Sheffield – 23 November to 13 December 2015
    Sheffield Winter Garden, 90 Surrey Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2LH

    2.       Sheffield City Council’s current improvement of the public realm includes:
    FLOOD DEFENCE – NURSERY STREET and PORTER RIVERSIDE POCKET PARKS – Innovative designs combining flexible flood defences with new green space for people to relax in as well as providing a closer interaction with Sheffield’s riversides. 
    GREY 2 GREEN – A pioneering new planting and sustainable drainage techniques in partnership with Nigel Dunnet at the University Of Sheffield School Of Landscape. This scheme known as Grey 2 Green will turn 1.3 km of former dual carriageway ring road into a linear green space of rain gardens and low maintenance meadow-like swales in the heart of one of the developing Business Districts. It will be one of the largest retro-fit SUDS schemes so far implemented in the UK managing highway drainage discharge to the river. Reclaiming the highway and activating urban spaces that better reflect the surrounding areas opportunities.
    CASTLEGATE – Sheffield’s historic core provides a fantastic opportunity with the expansion of the city centre’s activities.  The scheme offers regeneration development plots set within the historic fabric of the unfolding ruins of Sheffield’s mediaeval Castle.  The new urban park, which is at an early stage,  will include many distinct projects, including the de-culverting of the River Sheaf, which gave Sheffield its name, exposing the spectacular culvert known locally as ‘the Megatron’.

    UNIVERSITY MASTERPLANS – Supporting the universities to expand the quality of public realm into their core campus areas. Working with the universities designers to provide a series of high quality public spaces and routes for walking and cycling, between the university campus’ and the City Centre.
    GREEN CONNECTIONS TO THE INNER SUBURBS – Wherever possible, these spaces are being linked up to form green corridors connecting the suburbs to the centre and providing active corridors for walking, cycling and wildlife particularly along the river valleys.  The strategy has also enabled the city to capitalise on its spectacular topography and to animate previously little used ‘green desert’ areas created in the 60s, such as South Street Park, now accommodating a 1000 seat amphitheatre with spectacular views over the city and the Peak Park beyond.



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