LI President Noel Farrer – response to the budget


    Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute said:
    ‘Garden cities provide an exciting opportunity to encourage a revolution in the way we plan and deliver new communities with sustainable lifestyles fit for the 21st century.  We can only welcome the announcement that the Government is to support the construction of new garden towns and cities and support those areas that wish to establish garden villages and market towns of between 1,500 to 10,000 homes.
    ‘However, we need to see the details and we are yet to be convinced that meaningful landscape consideration is at the heart of any proposed new garden cities. The vision for any new garden city must first and foremost be informed by an understanding of the characteristics unique to its specific location; its local landscape character.
    ‘Landscape is the primary consideration in delivering places where people want to be; want to work; want to innovate. People want to live in desirable housing, not just any housing. Poor design is a barrier to any new developments. Existing residents in cities, towns and villages need to believe that new housing will enhance, not diminish, their quality of life and the value of their homes.
    ‘By adopting a landscape-led approach, change in the landscape should not be feared as it helps guarantee long term economic value and makes the most of our precious land resources.’


    For further information please contact Nick McClelland at the Landscape Institute on 020 7685 2658 



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