Landscape Institute statement on the Green Belt


    LI President elect Merrick Denton-Thompson – statement on the Green Belt  
    Merrick Denton-Thompson of the Landscape Institute said:
    ‘The Green Belt has served its post-war purpose well of preventing urban sprawl and the coalescence of towns and cities. Is now the right time to consider a transformative new approach that seeks even greater emphasis on the public benefits?
    ‘Many organisations and others have diametrically opposed approaches, from tightening rules over development to scrapping the designation altogether, but the debate should be more nuanced and our current exhibition will I hope, lead to greater public debate about what we all want from the Green Belt.
    ‘As a country if we are to remain committed to the Green Belt, then we may require more to be designated. With the loss of both strategic and regional planning the pattern of Green Belt is incomplete. The planning process has also failed to secure the appropriate management of Green Belt land and this is the new challenge we all face.
    ‘As a small, densely populated island, we also need to ask ourselves whether it is still sensible to support a single issue designation, or whether we should demand more of it so that it delivers a range of multiple benefits to the public and the economy as a green asset on our doorstep. If the Green Belt remains as a single issue designation then it cannot seriously deliver environmental sustainability, but is this really what the founders of the Green Belt intended? 
    ‘All these issues and more need to be debated if we are to create a Green Belt fit for all in the 21st Century.’


    For Further information please contact Nick McClelland at the Landscape Institute on 020 7685 2658.
    Notes to Editors
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