Investing in landscape

St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh. © Gillespies

Investing in landscape makes sound business sense. The work of our members shows that landscape leads to significant economic benefits for businesses and communities.

For instance, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is ongoing proof of the many benefits that result from good landscape design, planning and management.

And there are many other examples, as featured in our case studies, showing the significant value of good landscape architecture, master planning, landscape engineering, urban design and horticulture.

Why investing in landscapes is important

Our publication, ‘Why Invest in Landscape?’ (PDF, 1MB), focuses on the positive impact of investment in landscape.

Featuring five case studies, the guide shows how putting more emphasis on landscape can lead to economic, social and environmental benefits. Each case study demonstrates the rewards of good landscape design, including:

  • improving footfall to local businesses
  • increasing sale and rental values of housing and commercial property
  • bringing out the full potential of development sites
  • reducing development costs by intelligent use of existing landscape features
  • regenerating an area by putting the built and natural environment at the heart of design projects

Why invest in landscape video

The LI also produced a short film showing five towns that are featured in the booklet.