Following the success of its Why Invest in Landscape? campaign launched last year, the LI is calling for case studies to update the publication.

Why Invest In landscape? Call for case studies

Since publication in January 2011, over 10,000 copies of the campaign leaflet have been circulated, including at the Larger Councils Conference of the National Association of Local Councils and the Paysmed international landscape conference in Seville.

To build on the success of Why Invest in Landscape?, the Landscape Institute is looking to publish a new version and is asking members to submit case studies that demonstrate how the work of the landscape profession can deliver positive economic benefits.

These benefits could show how landscape architects have:

  • Increased footfall to local business by creating places people want to spend time in
  • Increased the sale and rental values of private housing and commercial property
  • Optimised the full potential of a given location for a developer
  • Cut development costs through intelligent use of existing landscape features and innovative use of construction waste
  • Put the built and natural environment at the heart of the regeneration process

Or they might demonstrate new aspects of economic benefits not listed above. What is important is that claims can be substantiated by facts, figures and supporting quotes from clients and users.

The number of case studies to be published will be limited, but it is intended that it will be representative of the body of work undertaken by the landscape profession. The LI would like to include all specialisms, all scales of project and all areas of the UK.

What’s needed?

In order to be considered for publication, all members are invited to submit their projects in line with the following criteria:

  • The submitted project text must explain how proper consideration of landscape has delivered economic benefits, this must be substantiated with either figures, facts or supporting quotes
  • The text must explain the role of the landscape professional as part of the delivery of the project
  • The submission must consist of no more than 2xA4 pages
  • No more than three images (illustrative or photographic) should be submitted. Images credits should be available and images must be of high resolution (300dpi to print at A4) should you work be selected.

Please send your submissions to Stephen Russell at The deadline for submissions Friday 23 March at 5pm.

For more information on Why Invest In Landscape?, go to


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