Deadline for submissions for case studies on green interventions is 20 June 2016

WHO seeks case studies on green interventions

The WHO Regional Office for Europe is carrying out a project on green space interventions and their environmental, health and equity effects.

Such interventions are usually carried out at local level, and by municipal or local actors, but WHO plans to collect case studies on local green space interventions to learn about the green space actions that are implemented on local scale, and what their effects are on environment, health and equity.

WHO therefore encourages the submission of case studies that match the following criteria:

  • the intervention is based on urban green space changes (creating new green space, changing or improving green space characteristics and functions, or removing green space) in all publicly accessible areas – this includes school yards, private parks and similar settings if they are open to the public during afternoons and weekends
  • the intervention does not just represent standard maintenance of green spaces but significantly modifies green space characteristics
  • the intervention has been implemented and finalized before 2015 so that reliable information on the impacts of the intervention can be compiled
  • data is available on at least one of the following intervention impacts: environmental effects, impacts on physical activity / lifestyle, health and wellbeing effects or equity-related impacts
  • the intervention has been carried out in countries belonging to the WHO European region

Filling in the case study template takes around 15-20 minutes and is done through a web-based survey tool, which is active until 20 June.


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