How do the party manifestos deal with this key topic?

What will the election mean for green infrastructure?

A look at the manifestos of the two parties that are likely to lead the next government reveals their attitudes and planned approaches to green infrastructure.

The Conservative Party manifesto pledges to: 
• Ensure that public forests / woodland are kept in trust for the nation and plant 11 million trees.
• Spend £3bn from Common Agricultural Policy to enhance England’s countryside.
• Improve access, by providing free maps of all open-access green space.
• Launch a programme of pocket parks.
• Protect the Green Belt, and maintain national protections for AONBs, National Parks, SSSIs and other environmental designations.
• Develop a 25 year plan with the NCC to restore the UK’s biodiversity, and to ensure that both public and private investment in the environment is directed where it is most needed.

The Labour Party says that it will: 
• Produce an adaptation programme, and the new Infrastructure Commission will prioritise investment in flood prevention.
• Deal with air pollution, giving local authorities more power, supported by a national framework.
• Keep forests in public ownership, and promote access to green spaces in local planning.
• Support the work of the Natural Capital Committee (NCC) to protect and improve wildlife habitats and green spaces, and make them an important part of the tourism industry.

Want to read more about where landscape fits into the political agenda? Noel Farrer, Landscape Institute President, comments on the upcoming general election on the LI blog


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