What is landscapes contemporary role?

What is landscapes contemporary role?

Held at University College London on 17 February, the Landscape and Critical Agency symposium will ask the question: “What agency does landscape possess, as a means of territorial organisation and creative production, to engage critically with the conditions that define the collective aspects of our environment?”

Until recently, landscape designers have largely relied on a scenographic approach to their work, focusing on the physical production of landscape and neglecting the ‘collective’ man-made terrain of the 21st century, which encompasses the spheres of finance, technology and the media. Yet in the context of the current environmental and financial crises, there is a growing need to explore the social and political role that landscape can play, notably in addressing issues such as mass mobility, consumption and rapid urbanisation.

The symposium will open up a debate about how, in a radical departure from the current state of affairs, both the theory and practice of landscape design could help answer pressing contemporary questions.

For more information or to book a place, please visit http://landscapeandagency.wordpress.com


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