Recommendations follow Future Generation (Wales) Act

Welsh government announces SuDS guidelines

The Welsh Government has published its recommended non-statutory standards for SuDS in response to the framework for the Future Generation (Wales) Act.

Key recommendations include advice on how to prioritise the choice of runoff destination (collecting and reusing water being the preferred option where possible) and minimum design criteria for all SuDS, standards for construction, maintenance and operation. Among the standards laid out are that:

• surface water should be managed to prevent, so far as possible, any discharge from the site for the majority of rainfall events of less than 5mm;

• surface water runoff should be treated to prevent negative impacts on the receiving water quality and/or protect downstream drainage systems, including sewers;

• the design of the surface water management system should maximise amenity benefits;

• the design of the surface water management system should maximise biodiversity benefits.

The report also urges planning drainage into a scheme during the earliest possible stages of site design to ensure buildings, roads and open spaces are positioned accordingly and existing topography used to best advantage, and taking account of the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, and any existing surface water management plans

Download the guidelines here 


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