This week we launched LI Connect to our members. A new member-driven forum for all things landscape and beyond. 


This is our brand-new digital community, dedicated to our industry, for all LI members to connect, network and share information freely.  It’s also a great place to stay up to date with all things LI, or simply chat with colleagues and friends!

How to get on board

Getting set up is really simple. Head over to and sign in with your My.LI details. Once you log in, your browser will take you straight back to LI Connect.

Once you’re there introduce yourself to the network and dive into the conversation. Whether you want to share insight on current policy issues, a new event or just want to share a picture of your pets in your favourite landscape, there’s a place on Connect.

As part of this platform, we’ve also created ‘clubs’. Each club is a private section of the LI Connect site specifically set up to allow groups of members, such as branches and committees, to discuss topics, share files, and work collaboratively and openly. If you’re part of a group you’ll have already heard from us but if you’ve any queries you can contact our LI Connect lead Abi on

We’ve designed LI Connect to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible but as it’s still such early days, we would love your feedback and there’s a place to share any other thoughts you have on the suggestions and bug watch channels in the forum. 

Happy Connecting x


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