The Landscape Institute extends congratulations and a warm welcome to its 61 newest chartered members, who successfully completed their Pathway to Chartership examinations in April and May 2022

The Landscape Institute (LI) is delighted to welcome the 61 new chartered members who successfully completed their Pathway to Chartership examinations in April and May this year!

Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute (CMLI) deliver exemplary landscape practice in the UK and across 40 countries worldwide. A mark of quality and excellence for the profession, chartership with the LI demonstrates to employers and clients the highest standards of professional knowledge and quality of service.

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The LI held Pathway to Chartership examinations on the 26-28 April and 4-5 May 2022. 84% of the candidates who sat their exam passed.

Congratulations once again to our newest CMLIs, as well as their mentors and employers; and huge thanks to the examiners, exam monitors, and supervisors who volunteer on the Pathway and help our candidates reach the next stage of their careers in landscape.

Successful candidates

  • Alexandros Achniotis, Churchman Landscape Architects Ltd. Mentor: William Day
  • Matthew Alebon, The Environmental Dimension Partnership. Mentor: Adam Hughes
  • Anna Beatham, CW Studio. Mentor: Carolyn Willits
  • Eleanor Buckell, LDA Design. Mentor: Kirsty Barker
  • Melody Chan, Hankinson Duckett Associates. Mentor: Tanya Kirk
  • Ho Yu Claudia Chan, Soltys Brewster Consulting Limited. Mentor: Simon Brewster
  • Chun Chiu Cheung, Terra Firma. Mentor: Alison Galbraith
  • Felicity Churchyard, Mott Macdonald. Mentor: Abby Stallwood
  • Luke Coe, Camlins. Mentor: Marie Shirley Smith
  • Elise Collard, Arup. Mentor: Ali Pulham
  • Samuel Daly, FPCR Environment & Design Ltd. Mentor: Jeremy Tompkinson
  • Sara Dei, J & L Gibbons. Mentor: Victoria Black
  • Jonathan Emery, DSA Environment and Design. Mentor: Ben Betts
  • Timothy Foxford, Planit-IE. Mentor: Frank Fitzpatrick
  • Yana Georgieva, Jacobs. Mentor: David Barker
  • Jessica Ginty, GL Hearn. Mentor: Anson Forrester
  • Charity Anne Grenville, Churchman Thornhill Finch. Mentor: David Finch
  • Giovanni Grigoletti, Outerspace. Mentor: Antony Geddes
  • Samuel Hammersley, LDA Design. Mentor: Greg Meikle
  • Rosie Hammonds, LUC. Mentor: Ben Gurney
  • Amanda Harris, Ryder Architecture. Mentor: Adriana Oliveros Blanco
  • Louise Harvey, Environmental Dimension Partnership. Mentor: Ben Connolley
  • Annie Hedger, Mott Macdonald. Mentor: Carl Mendel
  • Stephen Holford, Capita. Mentor: Christienne Murray
  • Moazama Hussain, Sweco. Mentor: Simon Heald
  • Valerie Jennings, The Environment Partnership. Mentor: Richard Tomlinson
  • Katie Kelleher, Marcus Barnett Studio. Mentor: Francesca Vacirca
  • Ana Kostic, Faithful and Gould. Mentor: Michael Goode
  • Bettina Krezinger, Arcadis UK Ltd. Mentor: Andy Chester
  • Wenjue Li, HTA Design. Mentor: Debbie Harrison
  • Xueying Li, Gustafson Porter + Bowman. Mentor: Katharina Erne
  • Hoi Weng Lo, Ramboll UK Ltd. Mentor: Ian Lanchbury
  • Ana Lozano, Park Hood. Mentor: David Watkiss
  • Roberto Marchetti, Lizard Landscape Design and Ecology. Mentor: Joe Jackson
  • Morbheinn McAllister, LDA Design. Mentor: Susan Irwine
  • Paula Mendes, Fabrik. Mentor: Simon Greig
  • Catrin Menzies, B|D Landscape Architects. Mentor: Helen Kirk
  • Alice Miall, Groundwork. Mentor: Kendra Inman
  • Fiorella Modolo, Wardell Armstrong. Mentor: Natalie Murray
  • Calum Oakes, Optimised Environments. Mentor: Andrew Watson
  • Pafun Palwatwichai, Townshend Landscape Architects. Mentor: Martha Alker
  • Miryam Pasquale, BDP. Mentor: Jen Budge
  • Rosemary Anne Pearce, RSK. Mentor: Serena Welton
  • Miriam Porter, Park Hood. Mentor: Andrew Annett
  • Marta Ratajszczak-Forbes, Jadorna Studio. Mentor: Jonathan McLoughlin
  • George Richardson, David Jarvis Associates. Mentor: Paul Gibbs
  • Sophie Rowe, Planit-IE / Make Space Landscape Architecture. Mentor: Sarah Barker
  • Caroline Rust, James Blake Associates. Mentor: Elzbieta Zebrowska
  • Alex Santu, Planit-IE. Mentor: Sarah Barker
  • Edward Shackleton, Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd. Mentor: Kurosh Davis
  • Zeyna Soboh, WSP Global. Mentor: Sue Lowenthall
  • Simeon Spencer, Forestry England. Mentor: Russell Bailey
  • Georgina Stretch, The Royal Parks. Mentor: Andrew Tempany
  • Emily Sutherland, Gillespies. Mentor: Ciara Hanson
  • Julia Torr, Planit-IE. Mentor: Sarah Fox
  • Lee-Anne van Wyk, Bond Bryan Architects. Mentor: Tristram Bushby
  • Richard Warner, HLM Architects. Mentor: Alethea Ottewell
  • Kristian Whittaker, Bond Bryan Architects. Mentor: Nicola Hancock
  • Charlotte Williams, AECOM. Mentor: Katie Machin
  • Adam Williams, Macfarlane & Associates. Mentor: Glenn MacFarlane
  • Isaac Winchcombe, Pegasus Group. Mentor: Nick Harman


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