The Landscape Institute’s animation about water launched on Friday 26 July at the opening of the annual student conference.

The video deals with water sensitive urban design
The video deals with water sensitive urban design

Called Water Sensitive Urban Design, and based on work by AECOM and CIRIA, supported by the Landscape Institute, the animation shows, in simple engaging terms, how water can be used intelligently at scales from the domestic to the city.

Designed by Room 60, the animation is aimed at the general public, but has important lessons for professionals as well. You can see the video here.

Speaking at the opening, Sue Illman, president of the Landscape Institute, said that knowledge about this area could be a real advantage for today’s students. ‘You are learning this stuff which the rest of the profession doesn’t know,’ she said.

Celeste Morgan, director of AECOM, said that it was important to think holistically about all aspects of water, including rainwater, flooding, irrigation and green roofs. ‘Unfortunately we like to think of water in different compartments,’ she said. ‘it is our duty to break this down.’


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