Emphasis is on well-being

Wales passes new law on sustainable development

The Welsh Assembly passed a law on sustainable development on 17 March which will provide a framework for an improved environment, economy, culture and society in Wales. 

Called The Well-being of Future Generations law, it places a duty on public bodies that provide services to people across Wales to do so in a sustainable way. This means creating jobs in ways that help tackle climate change, providing accessible public transport, making planning decisions to support Welsh speaking communities, getting local people to help design services to meet their needs, educating children to be global citizens, building houses that use less energy and save money and making healthy, local food affordable to all.

The framework will work towards long term ‘well-being goals’ which will make sure that people in Wales live within environmental limits, enhance biodiversity and are globally responsible in their actions.  The law also sets up a Commissioner to act as a guardian for future generations and ties Wales into the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Ruth Williams, the LI's policy officer for Wales, commented, 'The landscape profession is really well-placed to deliver on this. The new law is holistic and offers opportunities to deliver multiple benefits on the ground.'


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