Don’t miss your chance to have your say in the future direction of the Landscape Institute.

Voting opens on 29 April in elections of LI board and council

A number of roles in the Landscape Institute’s Council and Board of Trustees will fall vacant from 1 July 2013. Nominations for these posts have now been received and an election will be run from 29 April to 29 May to elect members to these posts.

Why is it important to vote?

The Board and Council guide the strategic direction of the Institute; your vote could help elect a candidate who represents your views.

The Board of Trustees has legal responsibility for the charity and meets six times a year. The Council’s role is to represent members and to help set the LI’s strategic objectives. The Council meets three times a year.

Detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the Board and Council can be found here.

The roles in the Landscape Institute’s Council and Board of Trustees which will fall vacant are as follows:

• President Elect,

• Vice President

• Honorary Treasurer

• Honorary Secretary.

• Ten seats on Council are also open to election. Seven of these are open to Fellows and Chartered Members, two to licentiate members and one to a student member.

Members should expect to receive an election email on the 29 April when the ballot opens. This will hold their individual voting details and will lead them to a secure voting site.

The ballot will close on 29th May and the result will be released shortly afterwards.


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