You can now see summer seminars online

Videos on pleasures of roads are now on LI Scotland website

The LI Scotland has posted two videos from a seminar in the summer on its YouTube site.

The topic of the seminar was 'The Origins of Pleasure Drives and Scenic Routes'. In the first seminar, on the topic 'A brief history of driving for pleasure', Dan Marriott, principal at Paul Daniel Marriott + Associates, Washington DC, discussed the evolution of pleasure routes by addressing 18th century design theories for mobility within the landscape (including those of landscape gardener Humphry Repton and civil engineer Thomas Telford) and showed how such historical understanding may be applied to the new Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative.

In the second video, Angus Corby, landscape advisor, Transport Scotland, continues with an update on the Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative, covering the development of the pilot projects, finishing with the potential influence the initiative may have on major road infrastructure projects, such as the A9 dualling, and general improvements of lay-bys and driver facilities across the Scottish trunk road network.


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