Videos are now on YouTube of the first two Landscape Futures debates, held in Sheffield and Birmingham

Videos of first two Landscape Futures debates are now online

The Sheffield debate was on the subject ‘Making the World we Want’.  A challenging talk by Jonathon Porritt of Forum for the Future opened the series, arguing that the sustainability imperative must be integral to land use planning, and asking whether landscape education was equipping tomorrow’s professionals to work with the global challenges we face.

Pam Warhurst responded by focusing on local scale activism, and the power that communities have to shape their landscapes – in this instance through urban food growing with the inspirational Incredible Edible Todmorden.

The Birmingham debate asked the question ‘How can we build beautiful places?’ There are three videos.
Frazer Osment of LDA Design approached the issue of beauty by asking what makes a beautiful place – not necessarily purely aesthetic qualities, he argued.

Mary Parsons of Places for People continued the theme by showing social housing that has created a sense of place with qualities that people value, again beyond the aesthetic.

David Birkbeck of Design for Homes concluded the event with some exemplar housing that demonstrated the importance of landscape in planning residential schemes – adding to the value and marketability of properties, as well as residents’ quality of life

Videos of the debates that took place in Cambridge, Bristol and London will go online in the coming weeks. All the LI’s videos, short films and animations are on the LI website  or via its YouTube channel.


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