Park Here & Play will build on the success of previous interventions in Leeds city centre

Park Here & Play, the pavilion designed for Victoria Square, Leeds

This summer Victoria Gardens, in the heart of Leeds city centre, will be transformed into a pop-up pavilion and play space from 12-28 August. Park Here & Play is a large-scale project realised through a collaboration by Leeds City Council, DLA Design, Leeds Art Gallery and other partners building on the success of previous interventions in the city centre.

Park Here & Play will start the countdown to the Leeds Art Gallery re-opening in October 2017 and aims to create a relaxing, creative and inviting space that inspires residents, workers, visitors, children and families. This city centre intervention provides an interactive space with an artistic programme of workshops and events that turn the gallery inside out, alongside a series of seminars to discuss and debate the design and programming of public spaces in cities in the UK and abroad.

The pavilion, called Redscape, was conceived as the result of a design competition won by Bo Muchemwa + Steven McCloy, both of whom studied at Leeds Metropolitan University. Bo and Steve will collaborate with artist Trudi Entwistle and DLA Design to turn their ideas into reality.

Redscape will be made from hundreds of red and white Lego-like blocks called Universal Road Separators in a composition of assembled structures to create a play space that feels like a special enclosed garden that is welcoming for everyone – a mixture of large and small intimate spaces to eat lunch during a busy lunch hour or for a family picnic at the weekend.


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