Victoria Park labyrinth

Victoria Park labyrinth

St. Helens Council have managed to attain a grant from the HLF to provide plans and costing for the restoration of Victoria Park in Merseyside. New trees are to be planted and infrastructure adapted to create sensory gardens and a labyrinth. The Heritage Lottery Funds Parks for People Grant applied for totals £2.8m.

Landscape architects TEP is undertaking ecological and arboricultural studies to provide advice on the ecological impacts of restoration while identifying opportunities for sensitive ecological reconditioning.

TEP consultant Tom Popplewell, talking about the space that is currently home to more than 1,000 trees, commented: “Trees in the park will play a crucial role in providing continuity and stability to the landscape during this period of change.  We are thrilled to contribute to the restoration of such a significant and historic public space.”

Areas for planned improvement include a Grade II listed gate lodge, a traditional orangery and the existing gardens themselves. Surveys by the TEP will reveal key mature trees, priority habitats, bat roosts and foraging areas, as well as invasive species that require control.


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