Canadian vegetated wall system to be introduced at BRE event

Vegetated wall system promises erosion resistance and extreme durability

A vegetated wall system that claims to offer ‘an eco-friendly flood defence solution with enhanced engineering stability and durability’, will be exhibited at BRE’s Resilience 14 event in November.

Developed in Canada and now available in the UK, the patented Flex MSE system comprises two engineered components: soil-filled geotextile bags and spiked interlocking plates.

Marketed as ‘a proven erosion control solution’, Flex MSE is said to be ideal for applications ‘where land meets water’; for example on culvert headwalls, channels, unstable stream banks, groins and weirs. or on flood protection schemes. ‘With very high settlement tolerance and rapid drainage, its components are able to withstand strong water flow and even complete submersion without breaking down prematurely’.

Ideal for many landscape projects, says its manufacturer, Flex MSE uses ‘the same globally accepted principles of mechanically stabilised earth that builders rely on for making massive retaining walls’.

It can be built at angles of up to 82 degrees, ‘providing a natural solution when near-vertical structures are needed’, and ‘can be installed in two-thirds the time of concrete block and other conventional retained wall structures’, without the need for specialist equipment or skilled labour.

Flex MSE has an ‘anticipated lifespan’ of 120 years, and ‘is able to accept almost all types of vegetation’. Depending on the application and desired aesthetic, this can include pre-seeding and hydro-seeding with native grass and flower blends, or live planting and staking of perennial ground covers, shrubs, grasses and flowers to achieve an instant, fully customised vegetation finish.

‘In a rural environment, the vegetated wall system can blend seamlessly with the surrounding countryside; in an urban application it can reinvent the landscape with an attractive, graffiti-free green space.’



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