The LI is seeking member feedback on the latest LI Technical Guidance Note (TGN) by 12 February 2021

Peak District National Park, Oldham. Photo by dean longmate on Unsplash

The final guidance note is now available. The Landscape Institute published TGN 02-21: Assessing landscape value outside national designations on 26 May 2021.

Thank you to everyone who offered their feedback on the draft document earlier this year.

The Landscape Institute is seeking feedback on its latest technical note from members who both assess, and judge assessments of, landscape value.

The concept of landscape value has evolved over time. The European Landscape Convention (ELC) – signed by the UK Government in 2006 – acknowledges that ‘the landscape is an important part of the quality of life for people everywhere… [and] a key element of individual and social well-being’.

Draft TGN 02/21 provides information and guidance to landscape professionals who need to make judgments about the value of a landscape. The LI is seeking members’ feedback on the document, with particular focus on:

  • its potential use in day-to-day work
  • how ‘landscape quality’ and ‘landscape qualities’ have been defined
  • how ‘landscape value’ and ‘valued landscape’ have been defined
  • whether the document should constitute best practice or be for information only

The LI would like to thank the following volunteers for their work on this draft document:

  • Kate Bailey CMLI MRTPI
  • Michelle Bolger CMLI
  • Rebecca Knight CMLI
  • Jeremy Smith CMLI


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