Urban jungles

Urban jungles

In San Francisco, the art and design studio Rebar has come up with a scheme called ‘Park(ing) Day’. This involves the renting of a metered parking space – but in the place of a car, a turf lawn is rolled out, accompanied by a bench and a tree. When the meter runs out after two hours, the park is packed up and the space returned to its normal function. It’s success has led to Park(ing) Day becoming a global event in which parking spaces play host to pop-up clinics, political seminars, free bike repair shops, and more. Click here for details.

In London, the Urban Physic Garden is transforming an underused space in Southwark into a thriving green space. As well as selling food and drink, the garden will play host to a summer of talks, events, workshops and film screenings.

Previously a dilapidated stream running below a concrete highway, the Cheonggyecheon river in Seoul, South Korea, is now a celebrated cultural centre of the city. Although it’s environmental credentials are questionable – it requires 120,000 tonnes of water pumped annually from the river Han to feed it – it has provided a great resource for local communities and contributed enormously to the provision of significant ecosystems.

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