The TCPA marks the centenary of Raymond Unwin’s, ‘Nothing Gained by Overcrowding!, by republishing his pamphlet and ideas for how it can be used today

Unwins seminal pamphlet republished by the TCPA

In ‘Everything to be gained!’, Patrick Clarke, URS, explores how the application of Garden City principles to layout design can help to unlock the delivery of sustainable neighbourhoods in the 21st century.

The report was launched in parliament with the Rt Hon Nick Raynsford MP, Peter Aldous MP and Toby Lloyd, from Shelter, at the end of April. It illustrates that a holistic approach to designing new communities provides an opportunity to consider how homes and neighbourhoods can be made attractive, socially inclusive places in which to live and work – and, in today’s context, resilient to climate change, as well as viable for the developer.

The TCPA said that Unwin argued for a ‘more harmonious combination of city and country, dwelling house and garden’, “the exact opposite of the ‘bolt-on estates’ so often seen today”.

To download a copy of the report, go to


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