Ukraine growth calling

Ukraine growth calling

You may not know it, but Barnsley is twinned with Gorlovka city in Ukraine. Barnsley Landscape Design Group are keen to help guide the Ukrainians in ways to redevelop a run down park in an urban area at a very low cost.

They are calling on anyone interesting in offering pro-bono services to not only help work on this park, but to grow the knowledgebase for landscape practices generally in Ukraine.

As the Ukrainian economy grows, this could prove a great ‘foot in the door’ opportunity for future Ukrainian development bids.

This would be a great opportunity for any UK Landscape Courses to work on a student project with great potential. Crossover projects with Ukrainian landscape schools are also being explored as a possibility.

If anyone feels they have something to offer, or indeed gain from this potential project, then please contact Andrew Bannister, Landscape Group Design Manager on


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