Woodland Trust scheme will guarantee provenance of native trees

Urban trees may be threatened by the pressures on tree officers

National charity the Woodland Trust has launched an initiative aimed at protecting the provenance of native trees.

Forest nurseries are invited to sign up to the new UK Sourced and Grown Assurance Scheme (UKSG). The Scheme guarantees buyers that trees in their stock marked with the UKSG badge are raised from seeds sourced only from the UK and grown in the UK for their entire lifespan.

The aim of the Scheme, run in conjunction with Grown in Britain, is to reduce the risk of importing pests and diseases with planting stock grown outside the UK. This measure does not prevent nurseries from also selling non-UK stock, but ensures buyers know exactly what they are buying.

The Woodland Trust said: ‘The new scheme will add further protection for our trees, complementing the range of measures already in place at borders and across the UK that safeguard our biosecurity.’

To find out more, contact project manager Lee Dudley on 0343 770 5713.


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