Carbon emissions are to be lowered by improving transport nationwide

Transport fund changes announced

The government have revealed plans to initiate a Local Sustainable Transport Fund that will reduce carbon emissions while encouraging economic growth

The scheme, which focuses on out of London areas, roughly translates to more walking, less driving. Fewer, but larger funding streams are to be created by the government in order to facilitate more efficient local transport funding. Encouraging walking, improving public transport and integrating travel modes are all areas to be focused on.

Local transport minister Norman Baker announced today that the fund will: “Challenge local transport authorities outside London to develop packages of measures that support economic growth and reduce carbon in their communities, as well as delivering cleaner environments, improved safety and increased levels of physical activity.”

Funding for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund will be set aside from within the Department of Transport’s overall funding allocation following conclusion of October’s Spending Review. Details will be released later in the year.


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