Maarten Buijs, Matilda van den Bosch, and Miles Tight join lineup

More speakers have been announced for April’s international Trees, People and the Built Environment 3 conference (TPBE3) in Birmingham, UK. The international lineup will focus on the relationship between trees and both transport infrastructure and health.

In addition to those already announced, confirmed keynote speakers now include landscape planning and public health expert Dr Matilda van den Bosch of the University of British Columbia; Prof. Miles Tight, Professor of Transport, Energy and Environment at the University of Birmingham; and Maarten Buijs, Senior Project Manager at Dutch urban design and landscape architecture firm West 8.

Speaker James Urban of Urban Trees and Soils, USA, said: ‘Designers, ecologists, soil and tree experts and engineers often work on the same projects with little communication or understanding of how one consultant’s work impacts on other goals. [TPBE3] will bring together a wide range of requirements to enable the compromises and changes needed to build sustainable streetscapes that support all the required urban infrastructure, from trees to storm water to transport.’

Peter Duinker, of Dalhousie University, Canada, who will also be speaking at the conference, added: ‘Trees in the city are vital contributors to human welfare in health, economic, social, and environmental terms … With well over 80% of us living in urban settings, it is clear to me that many urban dwellers will get their only experiences and benefits of trees in those settings.’

TPBE3 will be held from 5 to 6 April at the University of Birmingham, UK. It is hosted and organised by the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) on behalf of a group of partner organisations. More information and booking here.

Read conference chair Professor Alan Simson’s recent blog on the subject here.


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