The UK Water Efficiency Awards 2012 are now open for entry and its an opportunity for members to encourage their clients to enter

The UK Water Efficiency Awards 2012

One of the 11 categories being judged is ‘Landscape and Gardening’, with the award going to “projects that demonstrate good practice in water-efficient gardening and landscaping, including use of water efficiency technologies and methods, and those that go beyond good practice.”

The biannual competition, organised by Waterwise and the Environment Agency, celebrates the achievements of public, private and third sector organisations in making the UK more water efficient. The UK business community currently uses 9.8bn cubic litres of water a day, but it’s estimated that we could use up to a third less, saving £10m every day.

Ian Barker, Head of Land and Water at the Environment Agency said: “All kinds of organisations are already taking great strides in becoming more water efficient, as they recognise that saving water makes good business sense, and saves money. The dry weather that we have seen over the past two years has brought the need for water efficiency into sharp focus. We know that in the future climate change and population growth will increase the pressure on water availability – and droughts could become more frequent, so taking steps to be water efficient now will help to future proof businesses, and keep them competitive.”

Other categories include ‘Built Environment’, ‘Business and Industry’ and ‘Innovation’. Jacob Tompkins, Waterwise’s Managing Director said: “This is a great opportunity to recognise and reward all of the fantastic water efficiency initiatives that are taking place all across the UK. And it’s free to enter!”

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