The Design Council is undertaking a review of the future of design services for the built environment

The future of Enabling under the Design Council CABE

Authored by Peter Bishop, visiting professor in Architecture and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University and, until recently, group director of design, development and environment at the London Development Agency, the purpose of the Bishop Review is to consider the value of design in the built environment in the broadest sense, and to make appropriate recommendations in conclusion, not just for the Design Council CABE, but for all relevant organisations.

It will consider where it is most relevant to focus design inputs, how these can best be paid for, and how their value can be demonstrated. The external environment is changing significantly and the Design Council CABE will not be able to cover all of the ground CABE used to cover.

The Review will therefore make recommendations as to which other organisations can most usefully play various roles as part of the overall network of design support and advice services available to the public. The recommendations which emerge in due course may point towards the continuation of Design Review and Enabling in fairly familiar formats, or they may point to these programmes being wound down in favour of something else.

It would be very helpful if members could copy their responses to the Bishop Review to Alastair McCapra, LI CEO.


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