The end of an era

The end of an era

The Civic Trust, a 52-year old charity that represented at least 700 civic societies across England and supported a range of projects aimed at improving civic and architectural spaces, blamed “the squeeze on local authority spending in the current climate” for its closure. Administrator Grant Thornton is now in the process of transferring the charity’s major remaining contracts to other organisations.

The charity was best known for its annual Civic Trust Awards, established in 1959, which celebrated outstanding work in areas such as architecture, landscape, public art and urban design. The trust’s key contracts included the management of the Green Flag Award Scheme for parks and green spaces and the Green Pennant award for community and voluntary groups.

Gideon Amos OBE, chief executive of the Town and Country Planning Association, described the closure as “a major loss to the charitable sector”. He added: “The standards that fifty years of good work by the Civic Trust have rightly taught us to expect from development must not now be thrown out by cutting costs.”


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