The Landscape Institute’s expert volunteers have produced new resources on digital practice, UAVs, soils and townscape character assessment

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can grant new perspectives on spatial layout and landscape conditions. Image: Paul Cureton

Members of the LI’s Technical Committee, working groups and Professional Standards staff team have produced a number of useful resources in the past few weeks. Here is a brief rundown:

DP2 – Employer’s Information Requirements

The second installment in the LI’s digital practice series, this document is for Registered Practices that create, complete and review employer’s information requirements documents (EIRs). Download the document in the Registered Practices’ area. (Login required.)

UAVs in landscape practice

Operating between human scales of landscape observation and low-flying light aircraft, drones offer new survey possibilities by providing near-range visual information and other sensory data sets. Our new technical information note aims to help landscape professionals understand the use and procurement of this powerful, cost-efficient new site design tool.

Find TIN 03/2017 here.

Soils and soil-forming material

Soil is an essential requirement for providing food, facilitating natural systems and providing numerous ecosystems services. This new technical information noteĀ aims to help landscape professionals understandĀ the complexities of, and how best to manage, protect and utilise, soils.

Find TIN 04/2017 here.

Townscape character assessment

This new technical information note explains how practitioners can apply the principles and general approach of landscape character assessment to townscape character assessment.

Find TIN 05/2017 here.


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