Talking about the Olympics

Talking about the Olympics

The LI’s Olympic Steering Group, which is behind the series of Olympic Learning Legacy Branch events that are still in progress, have identified the people who they think will most interest the LI’s members.

“We wanted to develop a resource that would be accessible to everyone wherever they are,” said Avra Ploumi-Archer, chair of the Steering Group. “Creating video interviews will be a great way of capturing their experiences and sharing them with the landscape community.”

The aim of the films is for those involved to share both their experiences and what they have learnt as a result of working on the project. This links directly with the one of the key aims of the Learning Legacy initiative, which is to ensure members from all the professional bodies represented on site can incorporate lessons learnt into their own everyday work. Once made, these videos will be available on the LI website for anyone to download – from landscape architects worldwide to members of the public.

Speakers will each cover one of the following topics:

  • The client perspective
  • Site design
  • Masterplanning
  • Ecology planting
  • Landscape engineering.

The Olympic Steering Group wants to hear from you
The Steering Group are inviting members to submit questions they would like to ask during these recorded interviews. This could be anything from why a particular planting strategy was chosen to how communication challenges were overcome on such a large-scale project. 

To submit your questions simply send an email to giving your name, the question itself, and which of the six topic areas it relates to.
Questions need to be received by 18th June. The Steering Group will then select which ones can be included in the interviews.


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