FoRM Associates completes the Ice House Square in Swansea

Swansea's Ice House Square
Swansea's Ice House Square

Commissioned by Swansea City Council and the Welsh Assembly, the Ice House Square forms a key public realm space in the development as well as a landing point for the Wilkinson Eyre Architects bridge.

FoRM Associates design is based on a formal rectangular grid, seamlessly connecting with the riverfront promenade and the surrounding developments. The abstract place making quality of the square is accentuated by 16 boxed trees and a lighting installation by Peter Fink and Urban Projects.

The artwork creates an informal overlay over the paving grid using embedded LED programmable strip lighting. The presence of people in the square will create metaphorical rooms of light as well as accentuate the direction of their movement. When the light installation is not triggered it pulses gently with random flows of light and with specific programming on celebratory days, such as Christmas and New Year.

The development of SA1 waterfront in Swansea aims to reconnect the Prince of Wales Dock to the rest of the city.


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