Government review comes out in favour of project designed by LDA Design

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon
Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. © LDA Design Consulting LLP

The plans for a £1.3bn tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay have been backed by a government-commissioned review.

Charles Hendry’s independent report into the technology’s viability said it would make a ‘strong contribution’ to the UK’s energy supply.

The scheme, designed by LDA Design, won the President’s Award at the 2014 LI Awards. It will be the world’s first man-made tidal lagoon, and will harness the 8.5m tidal range of Swansea Bay (average Spring tides) to generate renewable electricity for 14 hours per day, for 120 years, with a net annual output in excess of 500GWh (equivalent to about 90% of Swansea Bay’s annual domestic electricity use, or 11% of Wales’s).

Describing the project, then President Noel Farrer said, ‘The landscape architects have truly led from the front. In their role as client advisor they have briefed the architects and engineers on what they need to do.’

Responding to the Hendry report, Alister Kratt, board director at LDA Design, said, ‘On top of providing a new generation of carbon-free energy, the tidal lagoon is visionary placemaking infrastructure. In uncertain times, this kind of investment in a pioneering UK industry shows how we could design our way to a Brexit that works for everyone. The lagoon utilises a broad range of creative resources to deliver new technology and regeneration at the same time.’

LDA Design is working with Tidal Lagoon Power as masterplanner and lead designer for the Swansea Bay project, sea and landside. It is also consultant for the proposed lagoon fleet.


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