The University of the West of England seeks views on what constitutes a healthy environment.

Survey launches to understand healthy urban environments

The World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments at the University of the West of England  is undertaking a scoping study on the viability of a Responsive Expert Evidence Service addressing healthier places. The study is being funded by Public Health England (PHE). The idea of a Responsive Service is that practitioners will be able to register a specific question about the evidence of health impacts of particular planning issues and receive a fully evidenced response within a set time period.

This work is being undertaken because PHE and other bodies have identified an evidence gap whereby research undertaken is not being ‘translated’ and made available to practitioners working on aspects of the built and natural environment, or else there is a significant time lag and/or the information is partial and jargonised.

Such a service could build up a stock of answers which could be made available to professional planning and other practitioners working in the built and natural environment. The centre would therefore like to know what the potential target audience of professionals working on aspects of planning and the built and natural environment think of the idea, its viability, and in what format any service might work best.

The survey less than 8 minutes and responses are being sought as soon as possible. To take the survey click here..

The influence of landscape on public health is a major area of interest for the Landscape Institute which recently launched a publication on the subject.


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