The feasibility of replacing Heathrow Airport with a Thames Estuary alternative is being investigated, according to a report in Designboom

Study looks for Heathrow Airport replacement at Thames Estuary

Foster & Partners, in partnership with Halcrow, have self funded a study to create a new transport hub for London, which also includes a high-speed rail link, flood protection plans and even tidal energy infrastructure.

The idea is to create a centralised hub of transport that would draw pollution away from urban areas. Mayor of London Boris Johnson first supported the idea in 2008 when he suggested that a Thames Estuary airport could have four runways and would be connected to the Channel Tunnel.

Commenting on the plans, Lord Foster, the chairman and founder of Foster & Partners, said: “These visionary proposals are far from future fantasy. When you look at the eastwards thrust of London’s infrastructure, with the Channel Tunnel and the Olympics, you can see how it would be possible to create a 24-hour airport. This move would greatly improve the quality of life for Londoners by reducing pollution and improving security.”


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