Impressive position in field of 81 for project in Bologna

Studio Engleback comes second in competition for Italian allotments

Studio Engleback has reached second place in a competition in Italy that attracted 81 entries. Called 'Orta per tutti' (gardens for all) the competition, run by the northern city of Bologna, asked entrants to come up with ideas for edible parks – that is, allotments.

Studio Engleback offered three solutions: for gardens set between houses, for gardens set within parks, and for gardens in the countryside. It came up with a large taxonomy of elements, which included not only water-collection and storage, green screens and storage sheds, but also trim trails, picnic spots, wireless lighting and areas for the encouragement of wildlife. 

It divided the areas into social zones, amenity zones, garden zones and allotment zones. The allotment zone offered, in addition to individual allotments, a larger community allotment and also raised planters for disabled users.

The team that worked on the proposal consisted of Luke Engleback, Dr Alessio Russo, Sam Ashdown and Pepe Pastor.


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