The student conference at the end of July was both enlightening and inspirational

Students at landscape architecture conference
There were hands-on sessions as well as visits and lectures

Francesca Boldy and Lauren Bennett report:  During the last weekend of July, the Student Landscape Institute Council ran ‘Generation H2O’, a conference focusing on sustainable water use for landscape architecture students from  around the world. The conference brought together a selection of the ‘next generation’ of students in the profession, and introduced the problems and strategies which are being brought forward to manage the issues that water brings.

A group of leaders in the field displayed their work and ideas regarding water management and use, and how it can be included in our future landscape. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is the process through which water can be changed from a potential nuisance into a helpful resource’, we were told. Ideas to which we as the ‘next generation’ were introduced included tree pits – a simple and effective method of using water sustainably. We also learnt about working with water by shaping it to act in a multi-purposeful way which will support ecosystems, avoid waste water, combat the heat island effect and have an aesthetic value.

Both gaining an insight into London’s recent developments and hearing from numerous landscape architects about their work has been a real inspiration. The conference has revealed the importance of managing water in a sustainable way and the significance it will have in our landscape’s future.


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