Students address future of Finsbury Park

Students address future of Finsbury Park

The exhibition is entitled The Dynamic Site: Finsbury Park Futures.  

Student projects include exploration of the sensory and medicinal properties of different plants in the ‘Discovery Meadows’; ‘Play Glades’ which offer people of all ages a range of adventurous physical challenges within a variety of wooded areas; the opportunity for visitors to go on a cultural tour of ‘natural rooms’ in the park, accessed through mobile devices; community gardens used for a wide range of events supporting and encouraging local people to come together around pleasurable growing, foraging, and cooking events; ‘Memorial Gardens’ providing an inspiring and elegant space for people of all faiths to take a moment to remember their passed loved ones. 

In early 2013 WSD students created plans for the whole park, and then a number of individual designs for key spaces within the park. They were asked to look at ways that Finsbury Park and Furtherfield could provide both more pleasing spaces and encounters for the surrounding communities. The opening of Furtherfield Commons, a new pop-up art, technology, and community space located within the park at the Finsbury Park Station entrance, will also be celebrated. Furtherfield Commons will serve as the venue for presentations from Furtherfield and Writtle School of Design students and staff about their visions for the park alongside an exhibition of the full array of inspirational images and ideas, and video interviews with the designers. Visitors are invited to make comments. 

The exhibition is open from noon until 4pm  on two consecutive weekends: 23, 24, 30 Nov and 1 Dec 2013.

About Furtherfield

Since 1997 Furtherfield has created online and physical spaces and places for different kinds of people to come together to get involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies. Its website provides discussion and critical review for an established international  community of cutting-edge artists, technologists and thinkers. Funded by Arts Council England since 2005, Furtherfield is now one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations. With the support of Haringey Council, Furtherfield has established itself as Finsbury Park’s creative hub based in two buildings.  Furtherfield Gallery at the McKenzie Pavilion in the heart of the park, hosts exhibitions and pop-up events, and Furtherfield Commons, at the Finsbury Park Gate, is a community technology space for discussions, workshops, and residencies. 


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