Let CIRIA have your views on implementation

Still time to complete SuDS questionnaire

There is still time to fill in research organisation CIRIA's questionnaire about the implementation of SuDS.

The organisation is keen to understand whether problems with implementation are restricting the benefits or what is now a widely appreciated approach. The survey, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, is available here.

Sue Illman, former President of the LI and a passionate advocate of SuDS, explained why she believes it is so important. She said, 'The conceptual design of SuDS is now becoming more commonplace within the landscape profession, allowing surface water to be managed in both environmentally and creative ways, whilst delivering all the necessary water attenuation benefits. The recent update to the SuDS Manual now documents the design side comprehensively, but there remain concerns that problems during construction may undermine the design ethos and its functional performance.  CIRIA has therefore set up a new research project to produce SuDS construction guidance (RP1028) which will help reduce the risks of faults during construction. It will cover the construction process from its initial planning stages, through to the completion of all phases.'


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