Travelling exhibition will look at design solutions to public health challenges.

Sports day at Building Centre will kick off focus on Fit London

One of the last events of the London Festival of Architecture will be a sports day being held outside The Building Centre in central London.

It will mark the start of a month-long focus on fit cities, with an exhibition called FitNation hosted by New London Architecture. The exhibition, which will be adapted for London, was the work of the American Institute of Architects and the Centre for Active Design in New York. It will run from 28 June to 25 July.

FPARK by Fletcher Priest Architects will cover part of the crescent outside The Building Centre, using artificial grass. The new green surface will connect the other installations and provide a space for games and activities, including a croquet course. The artificial grass has been recycled and will be reused afterwards.

Arup Associates has designed an interactive edging for Store Street south crescent made from strong recycled cardboard tubes. The tubing will provide solid seating as well as an obstacle course and a podium. It will enclose the area,  providing a safe place for all activities.

‘Trapasso’ Pavilion by the students of University of East London with Alex-Scott Whitby and support from Ramboll creates flexible staging in the heart of the Crescent. The timber pavilion with a tensile membrane roof will host talks and provide an area for meditation classes and tai chi.

KLH UK, Corbett & Tasker and David Miller Architects have created a CLT picnic bench. Made from nine simple pieces and 12 simple joints, the bench fits together to create shared seating and table space in strong geometric shapes.

The sports day will include a pingpong tournament, 'bop and boogie' sessions, and bike tours. More information is available here.

There will also be a free half-day conference on the morning of Tuesday 1 July, called 'Fit London: Designing a healthier city'. Speakers will come from Gehl Architects, Public Health England, GLA, LLDC and Derwent London. They will examine how London is promoting health and wellbeing through the design of its buildings, public spaces and masterplans.


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