Open City seeks support to revive My City Tool

Sponsor a teenagers manifesto for London

Open City is looking for financial support to revive its programme My City Too! which would create a 2016 teenagers' manifesto to create better places in the city. This would build on its previous initiative of the same name from 2008 

The aim is to reach out to young people across London through Open-City’s network of
youth contacts with a survey, research workshop and inte-generation findings event.

It is offering  supporting organisations the opportunity to engage young
people in the design of the built environment, to raise awareness of careers; canvas opinions on
a variety of urban design and regeneration issues; and to research what young people need from their urban environment.

There are three possible levels of support:
Supporter Level 1: £ 5,000 + VAT
Supporter Level 2: £ 1,000 + VAT
Supporter Level 3: £ 500 + VAT.

To find out more, contact Suzie Zuber bytelephone or email: 07941 266037,


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