A giant outdoor sound and video installation was unveiled at the grand opening of the Miami Beach SoundScape project at Lincoln Park in January

Sounds like a great design

The scheme, designed by Dutch landscape architects West 8, was chosen by the Miami Beach Commission in 2009 to create a dynamic outside space. The one-hectare park forms part of the New World Symphony Campus, which includes a concert hall and a conservatory where young musicians study and perform.

Centrally located in the Art District at Washington Avenue and 17th Street, the park establishes a new precedent for public spaces in the South Florida city. It has multiple functions: during the day it is a relaxing meeting place shaded by vines and palm trees, while in the evening it is a cultural hotspot, with concerts and video projected on the New World Symphony Building’s 700m² wall.

Pergolas made of hand-fabricated, painted aluminium provide shade and support the spectacular blooms of bougainvillea vines, while soft, undulating topography is visually reinforced by a white concrete mosaic of meandering pathways and low walls that provide informal seating. West 8 also designed a projection tower and ‘ballet bar’ to house the extensive multimedia equipment provided within the park.

A West 8 spokesperson described the project as “a world-class destination that marries music, design, and experience.”


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