Social media special

Social media special

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Blogs, RSS feeds, LinkdIn, Twitter, Facebook. Social media can help accentuate your brand, build contacts and collaborations that can help boost your business. Here’s why…

Be heard
If you’re working on projects that require a lot of public consultation, Twitter is a great way to attract different user groups and broaden the demographic of people attending consultation events. As you follow more people and learn more about your industry, greater numbers will follow you – increasing the possibilities for communication and collaboration within your field of practice. Twitter is open source meaning users can change how it works. This means it may grow with your business, helping you to go where you want.

Sign-post yourself
Search engines are biased towards new information. Information on Twitter and Facebook comes up very high on search engines. So if you’re an active user of Facebook, for example, you will be providing daily updates that have a much better chance of being found by anyone typing you or your practice’s name, or the topic your talking about, into Google. Even more so in the case of Twitter, which has its own method of search and tagging where you can create ‘hashtaged’ categories that others can join in with. For example, #TwitterIsGood.

Twitter gives you a global audience and therefore a global resource. If you operate in a niche area, you may want to be able to establish contacts and tap into the latest research wherever in the world that might be. You can keep up to date on developments as they happen and likewise let people know what you are planning.

Keep ahead of the curve
Social media is all about the now. Twitter gives you access to the latest debates and hot topics, and design competitions going on in your particular area of expertise. And it can often be accidental – you never know what you’re going to stumble across. Get involved in a #Topic and you could find yourself with new followers and useful contacts and ideas.

The realm of the blogger
Aim to put up something new everyday on your blog. It’s fresh content and, because people can sign-up to it, they’re alerted when you’ve posted something new. Those people in turn have followers who may then read your blog post. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your brand and will get much higher hits than a ompany website where content will change less often. Static websites are rarely re-visited.

Get Tweeting
Twitter is a great way to get help if you’re stuck on problem. Need a guide to SuDS or a contact for a project? Fire a question into the ether and your bound to get a response. An account is easy to sign-up to at Twitter. Then by downloading Tweetdeck, TwitterFox or any other similar application, you get pop-ups live as alerts happen. And don’t forget to follow the LI @talklandscape for all the latest developments in the world of landscape.

For a great guide to Twitter and how to best chose an app visit this guide:


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