New advice on turbine lighting is among changes

This month Scottish Natural Heritage has updated its guidance on the Visual Representation of Wind Farms, superseding the guidance that was last published in December 2014.

Version 2.2 of the guidance contains a number of changes. These include:

  • further advice on illustrating single turbines and small scale wind farms in paragraph 7
  • further guidance on engaging the public in viewpoint selection in paragraph 71
  • strengthened advice on the number of viewpoints in paragraph 85 to further reduce the number of viewpoints being illustrated
  • clarification on the need to re-stitch very long images in paragraph 113
  • clarification on the challenge of avoiding foreground obstructions where a 360° baseline panorama is required in paragraph 116
  • clarification in paragraph 154 that turbines from different developments should (not may) be shown in different colours on wirelines
  • clarification on representation of the existing scheme for extensions in paragraph 162
  • new advice on turbine lighting in paragraphs 174-177.
  • clarification in paragraph 183 that Planning Authorities and SNH will also require electronic copies of visualisations
  • specification in paragraph 184 that A1 images should be folded to A3 in the ES for ease of use and transportation
  • further guidance on the provision of viewpoint maps in paragraph 194
  • clarification in annex F that alternative camera heights are acceptable where these are necessary
  • a strengthened health warning in Annex A and paragraph 181 about viewing images on screen
  • the removal of the requirement to provide images for use in a digital viewer
  • the change of the viewpoint pack from a standard requirement to an optional extra (based on feedback from research that suggests many users already take the full set of visualisation to the viewpoint in order to understand cumulative effects and compare the images); planning authorities may still request the viewpoint pack if they find this helpful.
  • inclusion of additional advice for members of the public on how to engage in the process in the ‘summary for members of the public and decision makers’
  • the addition of a new section on repowering

Practitioners are invited to comment on the new guidance. Find out more at


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