Danish landscape architects SLA, with Henning Larsen Architects and Signal Architects, win a competition to design Nordea Bank’s Copenhagen office

Aerial view
Aerial view

The building will comprise Scandinavia’s largest trading floor (5,500 square metres) and boast a stunning view of nearby Amager Fælled, a protected natural area.

According to SLA, the new headquarters creates a new intermediate scale in Ørestaden – “a street level that connects the area’s large buildings with the characteristic landscape of Amagerfælled”.

To the south, the building will be characterised by a sophisticated, sloping park landscape and to the north by an open ground floor and tile facades on the lower floors. “Nordea’s new building interacts with the city, opens up and invites for activity at different levels,” said Louis Becker, design director of Henning Larsen Architects. “It will be a place in the city that offers activity inside as well as outside.”

The competition’s jury stated that the design “relates to the urban context and in all ways constitutes a beautifully designed and convincing office building. The proposal is innovative and challenges the surroundings and Nordea Bank, but also to a certain degree represents a both recognisable and robust architecture.”

Stage one consists of two light, sculptural buildings placed on a base. The architectural concept reflects the functionality of the buildings. Therefore, the effective office floors are all placed on top of the base, while the shared, outward functions are placed at street level. Ready for inauguration in 2016, the building will house more than 2,000 employees.”



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