LI past president Kathryn Moore and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) urge landscape architects to support the convention

The International Landscape Convention would stimulate a more integrated approach to establishing the landscape as a holistic tool for planning

They are asking them to sign a petition calling for the establishment of the ILC.

The aim of the ILC is to stimulate a more integrated approach to landscape. It is a response to the fact that across the world lives are endangered or adversely affected by poor or badly planned development. Problems continue to be caused by demographic shifts and changing patterns of work and habitation, as well as climate changs, the depletion of natural resources and deforestation.

‘It touches a nerve,’ says Moore, ‘enabling us to see landscape as the context within which the processes of development takes place.

‘Building on the conceptual innovations of the European Landscape Convention, the legislation would not just be concerned with elite and special places, but with the landscapes of daily life, the places in need of repair and change as well as those needing protection and conservation. It would help communities articulate their concerns for their landscapes.’

And the ILC proposal doesn’t just characterise landscape as the green, grey or blue stuff, Moore adds, ‘but as materiality and culture, identity, memories, values and aspirations, and as the social and economic context of our lives.

‘It is a powerful way of thinking about landscape that is vitally important if we are to meet the global challenges we face.’

As a result of the Florence Declaration of September 2012 and subsequent presentations, the IFLA proposal for an international landscape convention is currently alerting United Nations agencies, including FAO, UNCCD, (the Convention on Desertification),CBD (Convention on Biodiversity), UNESCO, professional institutions such as UIA, civil partnerships and NGOs to the wider value of ordinary rather than outstanding landscape, and providing rigorously researched reasons for valuing it.

Add your signature to the ILC petition here.


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